Day 36

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The Pentecost Prayer Team | Day 36 of 50 | Day 6 in Acts 29 | Acts chapter 9:

Today, I will continue preaching about Revival in our region: “Ties of Love.” May each of you be renewed.

I am looking at my list of those I care about that don’t know Jesus. Holy Spirit do a mighty work in their hearts I pray. Knock them down and blind them if you have to but make Jesus a reality in their lives. Then there are those that are new in the Lord or still baby Christians. They are saved; but, there is little fruit of the Spirit manifested. Praise God for the Barnabas among us at Emmaus for we have many. Praise God for all those that do the “work of the church” and those that work on the church building.

There are thousands that live around Emmaus in Smithville. Thousands more travel by on their daily routine or are tourists here at the shore. And yet, how many have availed themselves of the grace of God? How many have found a community of faith and support? To fill the pews is not the primary point: to fill those that are in the pews is the primary point. Holy Spirit we pray for Route 9 and Moss Mill Road to be the Damascus Road intersection where Jesus asks, “Why do you persecute me?” When so convicted, let the people walk the road to Emmaus; hear the word; and, join Jesus in the breaking of the bread.

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