Day 39

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The Pentecost Prayer Team | Day 39 of 50 | Day 9 in Acts 29 | Acts chapter 16:

I do not know how many times I have read this scripture, probably at least 50. And yet, today, I see something new.

Acts 16:25–27 (NIV84)

25 About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. 26 Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody’s chains came loose. 27 The jailer woke up, and when he saw the prison doors open, he drew his sword and was about to kill himself because he thought the prisoners had escaped.

Notice that immediately after “the prison doors flew open, and everybody’s chains came loose.” is “The jailer woke up,”. It seems clear to me that the jailer was imprisoned; that the jailer was bound in chains; but, now he has been woken up. While I could preach a whole sermon around this concept, I ask you to take a few minutes and write down the names of people you know who need to be woken up. Who is in a prison? Who is in chains? They may be asleep and not even know the state of their souls.

Prayers and praises to God, rejoicing in all things. It is from him and for him that all things exist. We ourselves may be amidst trials and tribulations, but our response to our conditions will speak volumes to those within our sphere of influence. Pray for those on your list that God the Holy Spirit will wake them up and set them free. May their world be shaken so their eternity will be secured!

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