Day 40

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The Pentecost Prayer Team | Day 40 of 50 | Day 10 in Acts 29 | Acts chapter 28:

Paul certainly learned how much he was to suffer for the Lord Jesus; just as Jesus had said would happen. Paul is shipwrecked on the island of Malta. The people extend kindness by lighting a fire, which provokes the attack of a viper. This is an attack of Satan, but Paul pays it no mind. He just shakes it off into the fire where it is consumed. Satan is helpless before God the Holy Spirit; and in the end, will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

It should be expected that the heat of the Holy Spirit will flush out the serpents in the brush. As those scriptures teach, we need to be on our guard. Let us pray for the protection of our flock, for all the sheep and the lambs. Pray over each area of mission and ministry at Emmaus, most of which are mentioned here: Pray over our finances and our future.

Two years ago during The Fire Brigade Prayer Team, a woman attended Emmaus for the first time and she is still attending along with several family members.  Remember to be grateful: pray prayers of thanksgiving.

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