Day 47

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The Pentecost Prayer Team | Day 47 of 50 | Day 7 in Acts 29 | Acts chapter 10:

Cornelius and his family were devout and God-fearing. An angel of God calls him by name. Peter was hungry; in a vision, heaven was opened. God prepares the receiver and the messenger. Pray God the Holy Spirit gives us a hunger for the lost and sends us to those He has prepared to receive the good news of Jesus.

Pray for men to stand up and take the responsibility for the spiritual leadership of their families. Too many men are absent. Even more so from a spiritual perspective. This is how the enemy, Satan, breaks down the family. Then the family is weak and the society is weak. They are vulnerable to the roaring lion who desires to devour and destroy. Rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus. Let us pray for every household on our street.

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