Getting Started in our Discipleship Course

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We may have up to 12 people taking this course. Some are already members of Emmaus Church. Others have participated in the life of the church for years, but have not joined. Some intend to join the church, while others are simply exploring.

While there is individual work and growth involved, being a disciple of Jesus is being in community. In addition to our church family community, this class will be an online community too. We may meet after worship one Sunday because that seems to be the highest percentage of availability for those participating. For those that decide to join Emmaus Church, we will be celebrating that on Easter.

We have ordered more books. My intention is to start as a group next week. In the meantime, those that have books, read the introductions in the Workbook and Companion Reader. Note: for those issues that are specifically denominational, the UMC is in a highly volatile state, which we will discuss.

A Disciple’s Path: Overall Objectives
1. Learn the discipleship pathway and how to grow your faith in this congregation.
2. Experience the daily rhythm of reading scripture and journaling.
3. Discover your spiritual gifts.
4. Identify your next step along the discipleship journey.
5. Find your place to serve in ministry.
6. Make an informed decision about your next step on the discipleship pathway.

Take a look at this relationship slide and discern where you are at: Relationship Slide

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  1. Ethel
    March 3, 2019

    So I started reading and just want to make sure this is how we interact with one another? Or just a comment is left? Just a test.

    • Emmaus web admin
      March 3, 2019

      Thanks for testing. Sometimes the technology doesn’t work the way I expect.
      This is the place to interact with the discipleship class and when you create a comment, I believe you should have an option to be notified by e-mail whenever someone else makes a comment. Let me know if you have any difficulty with the website and I will try to fix it.

      Shirley (Emmaus web admin)


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