Week 1

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Let’s start on Week 1, page 15 in the workbook; Companion Reader – pg 15 Our Wesleyan Understanding of Grace, Our Sacramental Life; then begin in Chapter 1, pg. 19.

Use the comment and reply buttons to share your thoughts, questions, and responses to the material. This is meant to be an interactive experience.

3 Comments to “Week 1”

  1. Don McMahon
    March 6, 2019

    Here is something I highlighted from the Companion Reader, page 19, “Holy living is thus the exercise of grace in the development of those virtues which make one fully human (renewed in the image of God, seen in Christ)…”

    So many things to ponder in this sentence fragment. Holy living is part and parcel of being fully human. Have you ever considered that before? Exercise – effort, sweat, practice. Grace – God’s continuing to bless and empower. We are called to be reproductions of Jesus.

    The goal of this class is to help us, and for us to help each other, on our faith journeys, to live into being a disciple of Jesus.

  2. Don McMahon
    March 6, 2019

    If you are able to meet in smaller groups to discuss your readings, that would be a blessing.

    • Dee Ptakiwicz
      March 7, 2019

      I have a flexible schedule if anyone is interested in meeting during the week. Or perhaps we can discuss over dinner or coffee on Tuesday evenings. Possibly sit together at 5 or 5:15?


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